Wednesday, November 30, 2016

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The NAACP election is over and I would like to congratulate the winners.    The following morning after the election while checking my FaceBook many people had comments but most were congratulatory in nature.    We were glad to see that a few of the appointees were younger and are active in the community.
I personally counted voters from 1:00pm until 3:44pm and counted approximately 105 votes.  The average age of the voters was 72 years old and mostly was from 3rdBaptist Church.    Many people feel that it is time for a change but I learned that many people do not know how to become a member of the NAACP.    For more than 20 years the San Francisco Chapter of the NAACP has simply been THREADING WATER and not bringing about any real social change.  This is apparent by the out-migration of African Americans which has been on-going for the last two or more decades.  
 If we are to be an effective organization we must work to recruit more members and involve young people as they are the future.   We need leadership that has the stamina, skills, and what for all to get down and dirty in order to improve the quality of life for African Americans as well as ignite a desire in our young people to carry the torch forward.  
As a community activist and filmmaker, I will be monitoring the NAACP carefully to assure that they are addressing and taking action on the current matters that affect all peoples but particularly African Americans.  
In 2017, many of our liberties may be lost under the President elect so we must all pay close attention and work together to continue to move forward.  To this end, I will be engaging users of Instagram and Snap Chat in addition to FaceBook in order to inform younger people and urge them to become involved.

I won't mince words, A. Jacquie: President-elect Trump's list of appointees is a huge concern regarding the future of our civil rights.

The choices indicate a blatant disregard for the equal protection of all citizens, and they lend false legitimacy to groups who hold unabashedly racist, misogynistic, xenophobic and anti-Semitic views. Recently, we have seen these views expressed not merely as nonviolent opinion, but also as violent hate crimes.

Our work at NAACP is more urgent than ever.

It's Giving Tuesday, and today millions of activists around the world are taking time to support the causes they care about most.

Will you stand up for civil and human rights by making a donation to the NAACP right now?

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As we come to grips with the way the upcoming administration is shaping up, we can take some solace in the fact that our next Congress will be the most diverse in history, meaning more of us will be represented by people who can understand our struggles. More importantly, with your help, we are building a movement that is bound together by both its diversity and our shared humanity to realize the promise of America now — particularly now.

But rest assured, this will still be an uphill battle.

Please make a donation to the NAACP today — and help ensure we can muster the resources to fight the civil rights threats that are coming in 2017 and beyond.

We must stand together, A. Jacquie. Our future depends on it.

Thank you for supporting equality this Giving Tuesday,

Cornell William Brooks
President and CEO
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