Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Just Eating Chicken & Salad? Roland Martin of TV One Asked San Francisco's NAACP Gala Crowd

Why Are You Here?  Martin further queried the crowd gathered for the December 12th San Francisco Freedom Fund Gala.

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E-NewsDecember 19, 2015
Roland Martin at the San Francisco NAACP Freedom Gala, says the focus should be on "FREEDOM."

Martin's speech is a must hear!  Thanks to Johnnie Burrell of International Media TV for chronicling the event.www.internationalmediatv.com.

Short overview video clip:

Jacquie Taliaferro and State Senator Mark Leno in short clip.
Pictured Jacquie Taliaferro and State Senator Mark Leno.
Clip of Press Conference & Gala Ceremonies that was emceed by 23 year old Evan Carlton Ward, a KRON Intern, son of publisher Amelia Ashley Ward, "An NAACP Kid." Video clip includes Roland Martin, State Senator Mark Leno, SF State's Kenneth Monteiro, President of Board of Supervisors London Breed, Supervisor Malia Cohen, and NAACP Honorees and Sponsors... Dr. Amos Brown begins by addressing "The Omnipresent Reality of Evil" as a moment of silence is held for Mario Woods killed in an officer involved shooting.

Video of Roland Martin's Speech
"Why Are You Here?"

Thanks again, Johnnie Burrell of International Media TVfor providing the video.

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